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HouChi now believes your you to QingMu enjoys is ShangGu, not HouChi

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HouChi now believes your you to QingMu enjoys is ShangGu, not HouChi

GuJun tells HouChi precisely how he receive section of ShangGu’s spirit/soul, and you will nurtured they for years, until HouChi was given birth to

QingMu appears to the concept of cleanup GuJun’s firearms area to convince GuJun he was sincere about the newest relationships. Initially, GuJun are quite happy with the fresh clean weapons, but immediately after watching QingMu, he storms out-of.

[Ep 31] GuJun is much slower heating so you can QingMu, and you will consumes your meal one to QingMu produced. (he seems seriously overflowing) But not, the guy nonetheless cannot agree to the wedding

BoXuan try brought back to help you QingChi castle, however, he’s nevertheless asleep because of injuries

You to definitely bit try also good, so it needed to be close. HouChi had her heart ships sealed since, before ShangGu passed away, she wished you to definitely within her next existence, she would not be a goodness. So HouChi is actually an effective lowly immortal with suppressed vitality. ( Ouch, they hurts training that you aren’t whom you really are )

Whenever questioned and therefore heart he’d prefer: ShangGu otherwise QingMu, QingMu out of the Divorced dating blue will get a barrage away from BaiJue’s recollections, his eyes change purple, in which he says to HouChi that she cannot hurt ShangGu. HouChi feels betrayed. QingMu is already suspecting that he’s BaiJue.

[Ep thirty-two] JingYang and the other guy throughout the Devil tribe initiate fighting, and you may fire rains upon the fresh human beings. HouChi produces a shield to cease it.

QingMu goes to rating ZhiYang’s Dual Spear. However, flames moves your, and QingMu’s eyes turn red, and therefore his devil times grabbed control of him. He is BaiJue once more! The guy also observes BoXuan’s looks in an excellent coffin.

HouChi concludes the brand new Devil and you will Beautiful realm away from assaulting, however, WuHuan is even indeed there, and claims one she colluded on the demons. TianQi is even indeed there. However, the QingMu could there be, and you will preserves the afternoon along with his TaiCang Spear and you will ZhiYang’s Twin Spear.

HouChi requires ZiYue to eliminate fighting to the Immortal Domain and you can break the fresh new seal on her religious vessels. QingMu and appear, however, HouChi pushes him aside.

[Ep 33] QingMu must provide the Dual Spear into the Paradise Palace inside 3 days otherwise QingChi palace will get problems regarding the Beautiful Palace.

BoXuan try beneath the North sea. HouChi, QingMu, and you will ZiYue all the go there. There is certainly a secret door which had been from the time the real Gods are still alive, (that should be really difficult to break) however, QingMu opens up they easily. There is certainly a very strong hindrance close BoXuan, and you can QingMu breaks it on the TaiCang Spear. A golden orb floats regarding BoXuan in order to QingMu’s head, they are starting to end up being BaiJue in a manner.

GuJun informs QingMu that if BoXuan wakes up, QingMu will recede/turn out to be BaiJue. GuJun suspects one WuHuan murdered YueMi, not TianQi. GuJun attempts to convince MuGuang you to definitely WuHuan must not be respected.

HouChi has to step 3 special one thing to conserve and awaken BoXuan, beginning with an effective tower. She as well as leaves a buffer with the QingMu so he would not opt for this lady.

The new protector spotted you to she protected many people whenever there clearly was flames pouring down on her or him. The newest protector allows the lady make the tower, due to the woman an excellent have a tendency to.

QingMu goes toward the newest Beautiful Palace to find the past items. However, just after he got the thing, he was surrounded by soldiers in the palace.

Both show up facing MuGuang and WuHuan. HouChi comes and you may tells people just what WuHuan did. WuHuan and HouChi begin assaulting, and you may WuHuan proves one she took the new Twin Spear that with it as she was about to shed. MuGuang penalized WuHuan through the woman visit the Nether Industry to own 100 years. Although not, the latest protector of tower colluded with JingYang, and you will asserted that HouChi took the tower, in the event he FREAKING Gave It So you can The lady Voluntarily.

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