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15 Essential Traits of Highly Successful Salespeople

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15 Essential Traits of Highly Successful Salespeople

The most successful salespeople think and act differently than your average sales rep. What are the qualities of a good sales person? In this article, we list all the traits so you can learn how to be good at sales.

We’re going to tell you the top 10 traits of successful salespeople – and how you can use them to upgrade from a good salesperson to a great one.

Success Trait #3: Creative

If you want to be the best, you need to be a creative problem solver who can come up with new and novel ways to help your customers – and by extension, your company as well.

Success Trait #4: Empathetic

The best salespeople will put themselves in other people’s shoes – with no judgment or ulterior motives – to truly understand the other person. This tells them how best to help their clients.

If you truly care for your prospects, customers, and colleagues, it will show, and you will reap the rewards that trust will bring.

Success Trait #5: Accountable

Accountability is important. Whether you’re taking credit for a success or a failure, you need to take responsibility for your actions.

Highly effective salespeople know how to take full responsibility for their actions and do not blame other people or external influences that can affect results.

Success Trait #6: Well-Prepared

There are a lot of ways to get it wrong, and only one sure fire way to impress – be prepared.

They know all about their product, every potential objection, and they know exactly what they are going to pitch before they ever walk into the meeting room.

Every presentation is tailor made and meticulously prepared for. There’s no excuse for getting this one wrong. It simply boils down to doing the work.

Success Trait #7: Tech-Savvy

CRMs, automation tools, AI, and every other innovation, past and future, have changed the way sales is done on a daily basis.

Success Trait #8: Highly Engaged

Top salespeople love their job and the people they work with. They believe in their product, which means they can sell with complete conviction.

Success Trait #9: Goal-Oriented

The ability to set (and stick to) personal and professional goals is a common trait of the most successful salespeople.

I think most salespeople are goal-oriented. That’s likely part of the reason you ended up in sales in the first place.

They don’t just have a vague goal or direction. They know exactly what they want to accomplish (and by when), and they will plan everything around these targets.

Success Trait #10: Relationship-Driven

They also know these things can take time, which is why they follow up with prospects and clients regularly over time, not only when they’re trying to close a deal.

They continue to help and support those they’ve already sold to, and reach out to people who have said no in the past.

The most effective salespeople know relationships are what drives sales, and they are personally driven by forming these long-term relationships.

Success Trait #11: Hungry to Succeed

Hunger equals ambition. When you’re ambitious, you’ll exploit each and every selling opportunity you manage to lay your hands on.

Successful salespeople are gauged by the number of sales they are able to score in a day, week, month or year.

Also, these folks have an urge to sell that goes beyond money. I believe they have a personal ego that can only be stroked and satisfied with high numbers.

That’s why they continue to push sales regardless of how many noes they get, obstacles they face and competition encountered on the way.

Success Trait #12: Competitive

Being competitive is all about having the desire to be more successful than others. And that’s one of the common drives among well-performing salespeople.

And they just don’t want to get better at what they do, but they also want to be the best.

When you’re a thirsty salesman looking to outperform other people in the industry, it goes without saying your numbers will pretty much be impressive.

Don’t get me wrong, competitiveness doesn’t mean being jealous. Instead, it’s all about being willing and ready to work the extra mile to knock out your competition.

Success Trait #13: Multitasking

Most people have a negative view of multitasking. I don’t blame you. Often, multitasking is linked to shoddy work and messing things up.

But, successful salespeople have mastered the art of multitasking. They can juggle between getting more leads and closing on promising leads.

Success Trait #14: Curiosity

When reps take the role of a curious student rather than an informed expert, buyers are much more likely to engage.

Successful salespeople are also curious about their competition, the latest market trends, what is happening in the industry and their latest clients’ preferences.

However, this requires a lot of time, dedication, market and sales processes research. But, success with a little effort is worth it.

Success Trait #15: Good Listener

Good listening involves paying close and keen attention to what your clients need. This is what is called perspective listening.

Perspective listening is by far the most complex skill because it requires you to be totally focused, completely mindful, and, well perceptive of what’s really going on.

Most sales people fail to close a sale because of what I like to call a ‘consumer communication barrier.’ They fail to get into the mind of their leads and understand them inside out.

The only way to get to understand your client and know what they want is by listening to what your prospects are saying.

Good listening skills are also essential, especially when getting sales advice from gurus on how to be a better salesperson.

What Next?

It’s this: To begin the career-long process of practicing and implementing these success traits in your life and your career.

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